Product II
01: Overview
Potent, Hard-hitting Series Spanning Two Weeks
Ddesigned to be impactful and comprehensive, our Premium Portfolios, each assembled by theme or topic, are an exclusive series of profiles and interviews released across a two week schedule. As a Premium Portfolio Sponsor, you’re given full exclusivity on all assets of a Portfolio. Portfolio stories are significantly more extensive in length than standard Lean / Luxe coverage, and since each company or figure is researched and selected by us, you’re given outstanding adjacency to a condensed, top-class assembly of the most important companies and authorities in the sector.
02: Features
*The Finer Points
As a Portfolio Sponsor, here’s what’s included in your package.
What’s Included:
A.100% SOV for each Portfolio
B.10 extensive profiles released every weekday for two weeks
C.A co-branded hub for each Portfolio
D.A co-branded front page promotion unit for the duration of the Portfolio
E.Your Imbedded Advertorials are permanent and connected to each article in perpetuity
On Pricing:
Our pricing structure is based on the strength, depth, and exclusivity of our reportage, the premium positioning of our sponsorship products, and the quality of audience we intended to attract. Our rates are not based on a cost per thousands model.
03: Inventory / Pricing
*Portfolio Index
Portfolio Dates Format Pricing
I. Risers X – Y, 2015 Profile $15,000
II. Emerging Watchmakers X – Y, 2015 Interview $15,000
III. Leading Men X – Y, 2016 Profile $20,000
IV. Leading Ladies X – Y, 2016 Profile $25,000
*Portfolios in Full
I. Risers
Date x – y, 2015
With promising new brands coming to market every quarter, how does one separate the best from the rest? The Risers Portfolio is a series determined to bring some order to chaos. Over the course of two weeks, we’ll publish ten profiles shining the spotlight on what we deem to be a potent and promising group of brands on the verge of hitting their stride.
Shortlist (Subject to change)
David Kind
Innovative new luxury eyewear service
Peruvian made luxury basics label
Citizen’s Mark
NYC-based sustainable suiting line for young female professionals
Aark Collective
Design led Melbourne watch makers

Banjo & Matilda
Australian casual cashmere specialists
Product-first sustainable luxury venture
Trout Rainwear
Women’s high-end rainwear label
Eleven James
Luxury timepiece subscription service

Premium rainwear from ex-Mackintosh executive
London-based leather bag company
Kit & Ace
Technical cashmere brand based in Vancouver

II. Emerging Watchmakers
Date x – y, 2015
In the premium and luxury watch segments, the standards of excellence are intimidatingly high. There are, however, several up-and-comers and lesser-knowns who can make a claim to meeting and at times exceeding those standards. The Emerging Watchmakers Portfolio is a series of interviews giving an in-depth look at this impressive group of rising timepiece specialists. By way of striking designs and constant technical refinement, these companies are spearheading the future of the mid- to top-tier watch marketplace.
Shortlist (Subject to change)
Nomos Glashütte
Vertically integrated German upstarts
SF-based minimalist mechanical watch maker
Stockholm-based premium quartz company
Toronto-based menswear company

Uniform Wares
British industrial design-led quartz brand
Bold mechanical brand based in London
Innovative designs and limited production
NY-based affordable mechanical startup

Moritz Grossmann
Rejuvenated, high-end German label
Small upstart manufacturing mechanicals in USA
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III. Leading Men
Date x – y, 2016
The new concept of luxury can trace its origins to the first wave of e-commerce-driven menswear brands from 2008. Today, the quiet influence of the men leading luxury’s new path is as strong as ever. Whether young or old, seasoned veterans or first time entrepreneurs, the Leading Men Portfolio profiles the male figures who are leading the charge, boldly reshaping our notion of what luxury represents today.
Shortlist (Subject to change)
Marc Hare
Founder, Mr. Hare
Antonio Ciongoli
Creative Director, Eidos
Paul Trible, Paul Wilson
Founders, Ledbury
Alexander Stutterheim
Founder, Stutterheim

Andrew Lipovsky
Founder, Eponym
Patrick Johnson
Founder, Patrick Johnson Tailors
Steve Buck
Creative Director, Barbour
Andy Spade
Founder, Jack Spade/ Partners & Spade

Abe Burmeister
CEO, Outlier
Roberto Compagno
CEO, Slowear

IV. Leading Ladies
Date x – y, 2016
The emerging luxury community is bubbling with impressive female
leaders, who, just like their male colleagues, are advancing the emerging luxury cause with tenacity and gusto. An increasing number of women’s brands have abandoned the trendy, fashion-based approach to luxury goods, in favor of a more specialized and functional stance. The Leading Ladies Portfolio is an effort to identify under one banner, the women we consider to be the most influential female founders and leaders in this area.
Shortlist (Subject to change)
Ann Mashburn
Founder, Ann Mashburn
Claire Chambers
Founder, Journelle
Maggie Winter
Brand Director, AYR
Eunice Lee
Founder, UNIS

Clare Vivier
Founder, Clare Vivier
Emerson Fry
Founder, Emerson Fry
Fifi Hallstensson
Creative Director, Gant Rugger
Mona Bijoor
Founder, JOOR

Karla Gallardo, Shilpa Shah
Founders, Cuyana
Julie Wainwright
CEO, The RealReal
Emily Weiss
CEO, Glossier

04: Live Demo
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