Scoop: Away’s new brand extension: A quarterly travel magazine called Here.

NEW YORK — Like Airbnb before them, Away has decided to put out a quarterly print magazine, also about travel, in a bid to give the brand more lifestyle credibility. Aptly named Here Magazine, it’s a natural extension, considering that for the last several months, founders Steph Korey and Jen Rubio have been pushing the narrative in the press that Away is not a luggage company, but in fact “a travel company” now.

The launch was announced Wednesday on their podcast Airplane Mode, and the magazine, headed by Away’s Editorial Director, Ally Betker, will be sold both online and in Away showrooms. Perhaps the smartest move in all of this is that the magazine will also be included with every purchase of an Away suitcase going forward. Not the worst branding and marketing play we’ve come across, by any means. To accompany the print edition, Away’s also unveiled a slick new website for Here.

Initial impressions: There’s not much to immediately report on the print edition, but the site, at least, appears to pair a personality-focused bent — influencers, of course, rather than celebrities — with a sort of in-the-know approach to picking out the best of key locations like Stockholm, Montauk, and (naturally) Berlin. There’s also a fair amount of crisp photography showing said influencers (think: Phoebe Lovatt, Adam Rapaport) packing their clothes in Away cases. No surprise there.

Below, Away’s promo video introducing Here:

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