Launch 2015
01: FAQ
A Few Important Q/As
1. What is the payment policy?
Our standard policy requires all partners to pay the campaign sum in full prior to the start of the campaign.
2. As a partner, how much influence do we have on Lean / Luxe editorial where our Imbedded Advertorials are featured?
Except for Imbedded Advertorial content, sponsors are permitted no editorial influence on any stories during their campaign.
3. If we are a new luxury company that Lean / Luxe would already cover as part of its beat, what can we expect in terms of coverage during our partnership?
Sponsors that we are likely to cover will still have all relevant news reported by us, but during their campaign they will not qualify as Original Reportage subjects.
4. What materials are required for Imbedded Advertorials, and what’s the deadline for these materials?
We require that all materials be received no later than 7 days before the start of a new Imbedded Advertorial, or a new monthly refresh.
Materials required include:
– A transparent vector or PNG logo image file
– Access to executives and/or creatives for Imbedded Advertorial content
– A high-res landscape oriented lede image.
02: Contact
Let’s Work Together
*Quick Note
We are intensely selective in the partners we work with, both to ensure compatibility with our audience, and to ensure that our partners are in good company together.
If you’ve come to the conclusion that our program would be a good fit for your objective, we’re interested in getting a conversation started.
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